2018.4.2 Mr Soma Kasai and Mr. Jiyue Luo entered CSE.  Ms Ge Sun joined our group as an M1 student of CSE.
2018.3.31 Dr. Yue Wang came back to ICAT after staying at Peking University  for collaboration for a month.
2018.1.25Ms. Sarah Iwabuchi (B4) joined our group.

2012.4.1 Nakano Lab has moved to Intitute for Catalysis from the School of Engineering .


Dear Students and Scientists Abroad:

Our research targets polymer syntheses aiming applications.  Typical strcutures of our polymers are "Helix" and "pi-Stack".   Applications of our polymers are relevant to catalysts, photo electronic devices, and energy-related materials.

We welcome applications from candidates of research students, graduate students and postdoctoral scientists from abroad.

Those who are interested in joining us should contact Prof. Tamaki Nakano at:


We have seven members from abroad (as of 2018.4.1)